General Surgery

  • General Surgery Services

  • What exactly is General Surgery?

  • Surgery in Acute Care

    Acute care surgery is emergency general surgery for individuals who are seriously sick or wounded. Our acute care surgeons work closely with our emergency medicine physicians, Level I Trauma Center team, and critical care experts to offer urgent surgical care for patients.

  • General Surgery Facilities

      • Appendicitis
      • Gall Bladder- Stones/Polyps
      • All types of Abdominal Hernias/ Incisional Hernias
    • All types of swellings and lumps- Lipoma, sebaceous cyst, dermoid, moles, corn
    • Endocrine surgery- Thyroid, parotid
    • Varicose veins
    • Breast – lumps, abscess, malignancies
    • Colorectal – Haemorrhoids, Fissure in ano, Fistula in ano, pilonidal sinus
    • Hollow viscus perforation – Gastric, Duodenal, Intestinal
    • Diabetic foot and ulcers
    • Skin grafting
    • Ear lobe repair

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